Daily Growth and S&P 500

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These charts are the same as the “Daily Growth – All” charts with the addition of the S&P 500 index shown in red and scaled on the right axis.

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The next chart is the same as above, but uses our adjusted data series, which accounts for tax cuts and the 2010 Census hiring:

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For a detailed explanation of these charts, please see the Second Derivative page.

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  1. to daily jobs update
    from Paul Richardson

    I would like to try data from “dailyjobsupdate” for a period, for example, of 3 months before subscribing to an entire year. Is it possible to subscribe for a shorter period of time than a year (e.g. 3 or 6 months)? I simply want to test how your data can be used with other daily data that I use to buy/sell equities.

    Once I determine the utility of “dailyjobsupdate” data, I propose to be full subscriber. If you do not provide for a shorter period of initial subscription and testing, I would like to suggest that you provide demo data (covering the indicators that you provide) in order to validate the data’s utility.

    Finally do you have an internet address in order that client’s can contract you directly rather than through this web page reply/comment?


  2. admin says:


    Sorry, but the annual subscription is the only one that we are offering now.

    The email address is on the About page.

    All of the historical data is available via the charts in the public section.


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