Spot Check Data

The Treasury Department publishes withholding tax collections every business day. Going back to 1998, that makes for thousands of records in our database, and many chances to make mistakes. However, our data has been painstakingly cross-checked, and we have total confidence in its accuracy.

If you would like to spot-check the database, you can do so here.

All numbers are in millions of dollars, both here and in the Treasury Department’s reports.

Enter a year or month into the box above, and click the Submit button.

The total for that period will be calculated from the daily totals and shown above when the page reloads. Then you can pull up the appropriate report and see if it matches.

2008 for the entire year.
2008-03 for March of 2008.

Remember that the federal fiscal year begins in October. So, to find the annual total for 2007 for example, you need to pull up the report for the last day of September 2007. Also, keep in mind that the Treasury’s numbers don’t ’round to totals’, so totals are often off by a little bit.